Admission Procedure (Local Only)

  1. Education Facilitators (EFs) advise students and their parents about the courses that are available in the college. They also assist the students and the parents by giving them all the detailed information required to enable the students/parents to evaluate the options available to them.
  1. Education Facilitators (EFs) also assist and advise the students/parents on the financial assistance available to finance their studies. Apart from that, EFs to assist the students in all registration documentations which include PTPTN application and other sources of study loans.
  1. Upon acceptance of the study offer, the EF will assist student to complete the registration process. Student has to make payments at the Accounts Department for the registration and tuition fees. Student has to submit 4 sets of the following documents (duly certified):

    1. Copy of Identity Card (IC)
    2. Copy of birth certificate
    3. Copy of the SPM/STPM results
    4. Copy of School Leaving Certificate
    5. Copy of each of father, mother and/or guardian’s identity card
    6. Copy of parent’s statement of income/salary slip/employer’s confirmation/bank statement (latest month) for purposes of PTPN loan application
    7. Copy of Bank Islam Malaysia Berhad (BIMB) bank statement (account number and name must be shown)
    8. 4 pieces of coloured photograph, passport-size
    9. Copy of the SSPN statement or SSPN card
    10. Copy of the PTPTN Pin Code (to be obtained from BSN)
    11. Dummy PTPTN loan application form

The Registrar will issue the OFFER LETTER and other relevant documents. APPLY NOW .