These special awards are conferred by faculties to respective students who maintain excellent academic achievements as well as exemplary behaviour both on and off campus. Apart from their studies, winners must also be involved in extra-curricular activities that will further develop their interpersonal, communication and other beneficial skills.


The process of selecting candidates is done rigorously at the faculty level, with recommendations given by lecturers and other college personnels. The winners will then be decided after careful deliberation by faculty members and the college management. Needless to say, to win this award will be the absolute honour for students of Kolej MASA.





This award is presented to a student who has outstanding records in terms of active involvement in co-curricular activities. The winner must illustrate excellence in any of the following areas:

  1. Clubs & Societies
  2. Sports
  3. Uniform Units
  4. Government/Non-Government Organisations
  5. Humanitarian efforts
  6. Other fields that may contribute positively to the community

Aside from the co-curricular activities, the winner must also sustain good academic records and portray exceptional qualities of a student leader. It is hoped that the conferment of this award will inspire the winner, as well as other graduates, to continue developing their selves to be a well-balanced and high-quality manpower for the country.




JevaJEVA A/L GANACHANDRAN was born in Cheras on 12 March 1991 to Mr. Ganachandran, a lorry driver, and Mrs. Tamil Selvi, a homemaker. He is the second child of three siblings. He started his primary education in SRJK (Cina) Batu 9 and completed his secondary education at SMK Perimbun. During his school days, he managed to maintain good academic achievements, scoring 6As in PMR and 4As in his SPM examination. In his time as a student Kolej MASA, he was actively involved in numerous college activities. He was the President for Kolej MASA’s 5th Orientation. He was also one of the Committee Members for the 1st Carnival @ MASA event. During his second year in the college, he was elected as the Counseling and Discipline Exco of Student Representative Council (MPP) of Kolej MASA.


Jeva is constantly aiming to improve himself in every way he can. His maturity and personal growth was so accelerated that he was offered a job long before he even graduated. He is grateful for the support given by his parents, siblings, friends, lecturers and mentors that have brought him to where he is today.





SULIMSULIM KOMOI @ DANIEL was born in Sabah on 29th May 1984. She is the fifth of nine siblings, children of Mr. Komoi @ Daniel Bin Mariang and Mrs. Guar Binti Luvonting. The family lives in Sabah. She started her formal education at SMK Kundasang, Sabah. At school, she performed well academically and excelled in co-curricular activities. She completed her Diploma in Executive Secretaryship with Second Class Upper. She was an active member of the Secretarial Club in Kolej MASA. In addition to that, she was also the Project Manager of Kolej MASA’s English Week in 2010 and was keenly involved in managing various events in the college, namely the Orientation and Open Day.


Sulim devotes her success to hard work and continuous support from her family, lecturers and friends. She is currently working as a Fashion Advisor at a well known boutique. A firm believer in lifelong learning, she intends to further her studies in Human Resource Management in the future.




ThinesTHINES A/L REVI was born in Tanjung Malim on the 10th October 1991. He is the second son for Mr. Revi and Mrs. Panjavarnam from five siblings. He started his schooling years at SK Methodist, Tanjung Malim before continuing with his secondary education at SMK Methodist, Tanjung Malim. He finished his studies at the school level with exemplary academic records.


Growing up, Thines has always shown avid interest in management studies. That explains why he pursued the Diploma in Hospitality Management programme in Kolej MASA. Always the hard worker, he managed to finish his diploma studies with First Class Honours. Thus, it is no surprise for everyone when he is awarded the Best Student for the Faculty of Hospitality Management.






MOHAMAD INDRA BIN MADIN was born in Kajang, Selangor on 9th October 1991. He is the eldest of four siblings, children of Mr Madin bin Imam Seer and Mrs Dasmawati Binti Agus. The family lives in Kampung Sri Aman, Puchong. He started his formal education at SK Batu 14 and SMK USJ 23. At school, he performed well academically and excelled in co-curricular activities.


Mohamad Indra completed his Diploma in Information Technology with outstanding records. He was the Treasurer of the Beezy Bee club and was actively involved in many activities such as Blood Donation Drive, Beeze Bee Charity Night, Counter Strike Competition and many more. He dedicates his success to everyone who has helped him in his studies, especially his parents, family, lecturers and friends.








MUHAMMAD KAMIL BIN ABDUL RAZAK was born on 27 February 1990 in Kuala Lumpur. He is the youngest of four siblings, children of Mr. Abdul Razak bin Harun and Mrs. Ruhana binti Rahim. His formal education began at SK Bandar Baru Sentul and continued at SMK Bandar Baru Sentul.


In Kolej MASA, Muhammad Kamil performed well academically and excelled in co-curricular activities. He always manage to strike a balance between his studies and other activities that he loves, which include membership in Kolej MASA’s Student Council and DHM club activities.


Muhammad Kamil completed his Diploma in Hospitality Management programme with First Class Honours. He hopes to one day become a Manager at a five-star hotel in Malaysia.