Business Faculty

The Business Faculty is committed to deliver the best skills and knowledge about business to our students. The Business Faculty of Kolej MASA nurtures students and encourages them to develop their managerial and professional skills which will be useful when they are in the industry. At the Business Faculty, students will be able to understand various theories of business and later practise these skills in the outside world.


In a recent survey, a major consulting company reported that first year students are already thinking about undergraduate study. We see the business diploma as the foundation for stronger, better undergraduate programme and career outcomes. In 2014, we will launch our new Undergraduate programmes in Kolej MASA, a choice of New Generation Degree programmes to equip studemts with undergraduate specialisations and link their studies to career outcomes.


We are a faculty with a common commitment to innovation and community engagement. We provide employment-relevant specialisations in fields such as accounting, sales and marketing, public relations and business law studies. To date, these have produced an exciting array of new opportunities for students, but we will continue to work to ensure our programs remain at the forefront of education and stay ahead of rapid changes occurring in this era of globalisation.


The Business Faculty of Kolej MASA will stand strong by offering the following core modules:

Marketing is crucial to business. Hence, this subject highlights several vital topics such as market segmentation, marketing information system, global marketing and customer relationship management.


A business requires proper finance and accounts. Hence, we have included essential topics related to this module such as finance management, cost accounting, management accounting and principles of accounting.


In this module, we offer the basic knowledge in macroeconomics and microeconomics which assist students to understand local and global economic issues.


In this particular module, we offer subjects such as principles of management, business organisation management, human resource management and corporate administration.


Business is never far from law and therefore we include topics such as business law and company law in this module. These topics ensure that students are well- versed in legal issues pertaining to business.


  1. Diploma in Corporate Administration.