Diploma in Computer Security & Forensic

The Diploma in Computer Forensic (DCSF) programme is developed to produce support forensics specialists who has the knowledge in the legal and investigative processes, and skilled in the field of computing, especially security.

Computer Forensic is the study of detection and investigation of crime committed on or via computers and computer networks. Examples of computer-related criminal activity include fraud, pornography, harassment, copyright offences, organised crime and computer misuse. Due to increasing police awareness of the importance of computer-based evidence in criminal cases, there is an expanding need for computer professionals with the abilities to reliably handle sensitive and irreplaceable materials, to investigate those materials in an appropriate manner, and then to prepare appropriate reports to legal personnel. The skills required by the computer forensic specialist are therefore very broad - deeply technical on the one hand, highly professional on the other.


Computer security & forensics specialists acquire, investigate, and report on the electronic evidence of criminal cases. A specialisation in Computer Forensics from Kolej MASA can help you master leading forensic software applications and gain an understanding of the diversity of computer crime and the laws and principles concerned with computer forensics and electronic evidence. You will also learn how to discover data that resides in a computer system, and recover deleted, encrypted, or damaged file information. With this high-demand skill set, you will play a key role in identifying and prosecuting criminals.