Diploma in Corporate Administration (A6463)

The Diploma in Corporate Administration programme emphasises on theories and knowledge of business in order to provide basic understanding on the business environment. The programme equips students with decision-making skills, analysing skills, thinking skills and various other vital values in conducting a business.

MQA Approved

Our New Generation Business Diploma reflects the inspiring ambitions of the Kolej MASA Model. We believe it has all the strengths with important features and improved opportunities for internships and overseas study programmes. Like anything that is new, we recognise the need to refine and improve what we are doing and we look forward for feedback from new students, parents and employers to make the programme the best of its kind.


We have learnt that our journey to improvement often echoes the wider challenges being faced by the industry. Our strategy is to be closer to these experiences, to better understand and to learn from them.


There is a variety of prospective careers for the students in this programme such as in the field of marketing, finance, business consultation, recruitment, banking, customer service, communication and retail in private and public sectors. Our students will experience employment opportunities and this is proven through the achievements of our graduates.


The Diploma in Corporate Administration will provide students with quality education in business and we believe that this will motivate them to further pursue their degree in a similar field of study.


By the end of this programme, we visualise our students to benefit in aspects of communication, interpersonal skills, decision-making, marketing and organising skills.  We also envisage them to be future entrepreneurs and be well-prepared in the business world.