Diploma in Executive Secretaryship (A6462)

Time has changed, and the role of the secretary has evolved tremendously. Current trends show that secretaries are using even wider skills in management function and technology. A secretary is a vital part of an organisation, usually a personal assistant to a manager or executive. The Executive Secretary is responsible for providing secretarial, clerical and administrative support in order to ensure that services are provided in an effective and efficient manner. Apart from this, an executive secretary has many other roles such as:

MQA Approved
  1. Office coordinator
  2. Executive assistant
  3. Office manager
  4. Administrative professional

The Diploma in Executive Secretaryship programme prepares students to be the new age secretaries with skills in technical competencies and problem-solving. The programme also enables students to expand their knowledge in areas such as business communication, office management, short hand and accounting. Our students graduate with the ability to effectively perform in various administrative levels which empowers them to add value to their respective organisations. English is given due emphasis as a good command of the language is an undisputed prerequisite in any field. In addition, personal grooming and deportment are made as part of their core training, nurturing them to be secretaries that portray a pleasant personality and disposition as rightfully validated by the industry.


In recent years, their job description has been changing rapidly as technology and labour reassignment alters the dynamics of the modern office environment. Knowledge of software and office technologies is continuing to grow in importance for the modern secretary, as office environments become more and more automated. There are many job opportunities in this field. Administrative assistant or secretary is one such position. They may serve as an information manager for an office, schedule appointments, organise and maintain documents or files, or manage projects, for instance. They regularly conduct research and assimilate information. Some secretaries including legal and medical secretaries perform highly specialised work requiring knowledge of technical terminology and procedures.

Apart from the government and private sector companies, candidates with a Diploma in Executive Secretaryship are able to look for various employment opportunities available in banks and other financial institutions. Most banks recruit corporate secretaries as specialists in various fields of work like merchant banking, finance, business law and accounts. Excellent job opportunities and lucrative pay packages are the various factors that have led to the popularity of the course among the students. Many graduates will use their secretarial experience as a stepping stone to a top corporate position or to establish their own business.