Hospitality & Tourism Faculty

The hospitality industry is a broad category within the service industry that includes lodging, restaurants, event planning, theme parks, transportation, cruise line and other additional fields related to the tourism industry.


Hospitality businesses are also closely intertwined with those in the travel and tourism industry. As both fields affect one another, some associations and industry leaders, including the Council on Hotel, Restaurant and Institutional Education have considered combining the two industries into one large industry which include food and beverages industry, lodging services and ski resorts, recreation services, campground and theme parks, travel-related services, gaming industry, and products with personal services.

As such, manpower is critical to ensure the success of the plan. That is how tertiary educational institutions such as the Hospitality & Tourism Faculty of Kolej MASA can potentially become the focal sector to produce excellent manpower for the industry.


The Hospitality & Tourism Faculty aims to develop high-quality and skilled undergraduates. To achieve this goal, our students are trained with up-to-date courses with a good balance between practical-oriented and theory-oriented education. Apart from fundamental skills and specialised skills offered in each programme, all the programmes also offer the following components:




The values of standard operating procedures in the job-specific skills and knowledge.


The development of learning and observations that expand the knowledge, perspectives and abilities of each individual.


Experiential Learning includes practical, hands-on and observational opportunities in reputable organisation.


Upon completion of the programme, graduates will be able to:

    1. Demonstrate technical knowledge and associated hands-on skills in the area of specialisation;

    2. Demonstrate creativity and entrepreneurship in operational issues;

    3. Demonstrate supervisory ability, teamwork, interpersonal, and social skills;

    4. Communicate effectively and solve operational problems;

    5. Use information from multiple sources;

    6. Demonstrate professionalism in accordance with ethical and legal practices; and

    7. Nurture intellectual and professional growth through lifelong learning activities.


Majoring in Hotel Management
Hotel management comprises of many departments and also can be called as front-of-the house and back-of-the house. The departments are front office, housekeeping, customer service/concierge, public relations as well as reservation. All of those can be concluded as the operations line. The hotel management provides job opportunities which include front office receptionist, hotel reservationist, supervisor, housekeeper, guest service agent and event coordinator, to name a few.

Majoring in Management
Management would offer basic knowledge towards managing an organisation. Management skill is required in every student to meet the objectives of an organisation. The management comprises of job opportunities which includes human resources manager, sales and marketing manager, accounting manager, purchaser, cost control manager and many more.

Majoring in Foodservice Line
The foodservice operations have the dual challenge of meeting the needs and wants of the guest and the client. It is very much focused on the responsibilities in restaurant and catering operations. As with food products, the creation and delivery of food and beverages are vital components of the hospitality industry. The career prospects in the foodservice line include Food & Beverage Attendants, Food & Beverage Supervisors, Food & Beverage Team Leaders, Assistant Restaurant Managers, Banquet Supervisor, Banquet Manager, Catering Entrepreneur and many more.



Career Prospect

Hotel Management

Front Office Receptionist
Front Office Supervisor
Front Office Manager
Hotel Reservationist
Call Center Agent
Housekeeper / Housekeeping Manager
Guest Service Agent
Event Coordinator
Public Relation Coordinator

Foodservice Line

Food & Beverage Attendants
Food & Beverage Supervisors
Food & Beverage Team Leaders
Assistant Restaurant Managers
Banquet Supervisor
Banquet Manager
Catering Entrepreneur


Human Resources Manager
Sales and Marketing Manager
Accounting Manager
Cost Control Manager




  1. Diploma in Hospitality Management.