Diploma in Hospitality Management (A 6461)

The hospitality and tourism industry is one of the most booming industries today. Hence, there are a lot of potential jobs to assume in this particular industry. But it requires specialised courses in hospitality for you to be qualified in either one of those employment opportunities. Courses like hospitality operations, hotel and catering operations, and international hospitality operations will enable you to flourish in the fields of travel, hotels, restaurants, and tourism in general.

MQA Approved
Taking a hospitality operations course will enable you to combine organisational skills development with sound decision-making, customer service, effective communication capacity, ethics, and human resource operations. In addition to gaining knowledge on the basics of running your own restaurant, you will learn about other valuable aspects such as sales and marketing in the hospitality industry, cost controls, food preparation, menu planning, sanitation, food service and et cetera.


The Hospitality & Tourism Faculty is committed to the support of students of all ages and backgrounds. Our faculty offers students an excellent educational opportunity and provides support services and personalised attention. Our open academic environment also enables students to discover their true potential and propel them in achieving their goals. At the Hospitality Management Faculty, you will be challenged to grow intellectually and socially, making a successful career and lasting friendships in the process.


By choosing to study under the Hospitality & Tourism Faculty, you have certainly taken the first step in realising your dreams of a career that compensates well and provides excellent advancement opportunities. Kolej MASA will show you the way on how you can succeed and make your dreams come true.