Social Science Faculty

The Social Science Faculty of Kolej MASA offers executive secretarial course. Kolej MASA has always been known for its secretarial programme. Students will be groomed to possess all the right attributes of a professional secretary and become an asset to any organisation. The faculty provides a two and half year Diploma in Executive Secretaryship programme which equips students with the profound skills and knowledge to play a significant role in carrying out secretarial duties especially in the current technology-savvy office environment. The faculty also sets its primary goals and objectives as follows:


  1. To furnish its students with current knowledge and skills to perform executive secretarial functions with high levels of competency.
  2. To inculcate the value of professionalism and proactive-oriented service culture in students.
  3. To encourage a problem-solving disposition in all executive secretarial graduates in order for them to acquire excellent social and managerial skills.
  4. To produce graduates who are professional, highly trained and skilled to perform executive secretarial functions that suit the ever changing needs of employers for quality workforce.

The Faculty of Social Science will prepare the students with various skills and knowledge through the Diploma in Executive Secretaryship programme. Some of the nurtured skills include:

In the skills module, subjects like Note Taking, Fundamentals of Typewriting, Business Document Production and Organising Skills are taught to ensure the development of secretarial skills in the students. As a general requirement, the students undergo 150 hours of typewriting course consisting of specialised computer software training and manual tutoring.


Office Administration I and Office Administration II are offered to provide students with the necessary foundation in office skills, administration, and procedures to perform essential secretarial functions. Major emphasis will be on topics of office, secretarial functions, and the technical changes to the secretarial profession.


The management module combines subjects such as Principles of Management, Human Resource Management and Organisational Behaviour to further enhance the students’ management abilities.


Since secretaries are always out there dealing with employers, employees and customers, the course also offers subjects like Personality Development, Interpersonal Communication, Public Relations and Customer Care to help equip them with skills to promote their self esteem and improve their people skills.


English language is accepted as a universal business language. In order to equip the students with good communication and linguistic skills in English, the course incorporates subjects such as Business English, Business Communication I & II, Public Speaking and Report Writing.

This programme is designed to prepare executive secretaries for the challenges that come with Vision 2020. Students will be equipped with all the necessary skills and knowledge required of an effective executive secretary, with strong emphasis on integrated computer systems, office automation and administrative management. Executive secretaries of Kolej MASA will create a difference out there in the corporate world which is in constant search for reliable and highly competent secretaries.



  1. Diploma in Executive Secretaryship.