RUN TO SURVIVE 2014 Registration is Now Open!



Hello everyone,

We are delighted to announce that we will be organising a charity event, ‘RUN TO SURVIVE 2014’ in collaboration with MAKNA to help raise fund for the needy. Therefore, we wish to inform that our registration for RUN TO SURVIVE 2014 is now open and will be closed on 4 February 2014.

We are now calling on the public to take part as participants. You are very much welcome to join us and contribute to the success of the Run!


For more details, please visit our official website at (website address). You may also find us on facebook ( for the latest and updated information.


If you have any further inquiry, please feel free to drop us an email at



The RUN TO SURVIVE 2014 Committee










“Cancer is a word, not a life sentence”


Categories / Entry Fees

ADULT (MALE & FEMALE)       : RM 40.00


Marathon’s Information:

  1. The course of the ‘Run to Survive 2014’ will be 5 KM.
  2. Medical aid assistance will be available at every checkpoint.
  3. A drink station will be made available after 2.5 KM from the starting point of the race.
  4. All participants are required to wear appropriate attires and gears for the purpose of the event.
  5. Last day of registration: 4 February 2014.
  6. T-shirts’ collection can be done at Logistics’ Unit of Kolej MASA on: 21 February 2014.

Methods of Payment:

  1. Please make payment to the stated account number according to suitable category:
  2. CIMB : 12380006617055
    (Melind Higher Education)

  3. Participants are required to fax the proof of payment to 03-80683009, or email to .

  1. Payment may also be done in CASH. Participants are required to walk in with completed registration forms and make the payment at Kolej MASA’s lobby.


Cancer, The six-letter word gives a shiver to everyone who hears it. Most people still struggle to pay for treatment; yet, many are still not aware of the seriousness of the disease. Majlis Kanser Nasional (MAKNA) assists cancer patients in Malaysia who are financially challenged. Come and join us in ‘RUN TO SURVIVE 2014’ marathon. Your participation will cheer them up and show that we care.


***All contributions will be contributed solely to MAKNA***



Name : *
MyKad No               : *
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Phone No : *
Emergency contact : *
Size (T-Shirt) :



I, hereby declare that I understand and abide by all rules and regulations used in RUN TO SURVIVE 2014. I also confirmed that all information given above is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge. I am also aware and fully understand the risk of the competition and that the organizers, its committees’ members, and MAKNA shall not be held responsible for any accidents, injuries that may happen, nor for any lost or damage of properties before, during and after the event.


Terms & Conditions:

  1. Entry fee is not refundable.
  2. Participants need to be at least 18 years old on the marathon’s day.
  3. Participants who are below 18 years old will be required to get parental consent by filling up the section marked with **
  4. Please bring your MyKad / passport for registration purpose.
  5. Participants are required to wear appropriate attire and gears for the event.
  6. Do not litter along the road.
  7. The organiser, its committee members and MAKNA shall not be liable towards any accidents, injuries, and loss of items or personal belongings before, during or after the event takes place.
  8. For further enquiries, please contact the RUN TO SURVIVE 2014’s Registration Unit at 1-800-88-6090.







  1. T-Shirt
  2. Light Breakfast
  3. Medals and Trophies (for winners only)
  4. Certificates (for all participants)
  5. Gifts (for lucky draws)
  6. Health Exhibition (by MAKNA)



Run To Survive Details (PDF) .